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Everything You Need


Here is a list of nonprofit legal organizations offering legal services for civil cases throughout Florida. For those living outside of Florida, here is a national list of legal services available to those looking for legal advice or representation in civil cases. 


Florida has seven legal organizations offering legal services to constituents. ​These firms work within several different legal areas often including domestic and sexual violence cases. We are happy to connect you with these firms.

We separated legal organizations based on the counties they serve to better direct you in searching for legal services. We also linked their applications and online intake form to make requesting legal services more accessible throughout this difficult process.


Mental Health Resources

This is a database of mental health resources available throughout the state of Florida. This site allows you to filter your needs to find a facility near you that takes your insurance and can effectively serve you.


We are working on compiling a list of mental health resources for individuals and families who do not have access to affordable mental health resources. This is currently under revision.

We are also working on destigmatizing mental health by highlighting on the mental health impacts sexual violence often has on survivors. This is in addition to us working on providing resources that aid survivors and their families to better understand the impact of victimization.


Share Your Story

Share your story with us and we will honor you with a candle dedicated to you and your story. Pick your mold and scent and we will take care of the rest. 


Our goal is to empower survivors to share their stories and aim to uplift the experiences of survivors who experienced sexual violence in their childhoods. 

If you've ever been subject to sexual violence: I believe you, I see you, and I support you. Regardless of the circumstances, you didn't deserve what was done to you.

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